BOOM much more than astonishing solo performance (Review)

Posted on: Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rick Miller’s BOOM, playing at Theatre Calgary until Oct. 29, may feature an astonishing solo performance from Miller, but it is hardly a one-man show.

The reason BOOM mesmerizes for 100 minutes is that Miller has input from a team of artists every bit as creative and ground breaking as Miller himself.

There’s David Leclerc, who designed all the projections that create the moments in time where Miller finds himself as he travels from 1945 to 1969.

Not only does Leclerc provide actual photographs, but also graphics, and they help to make the journey focused rather than haphazard.

Leclerc’s projections become an integral part of Yannik Larivee’s imposing set, which features a hollow column that can be opaque or see through depending on how it is lit. Around the column is a circular floor that acts as an additional screen or a platform on which Miller can roam.

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