BOOM encapsulates a generation's hopes and dreams (Review)

Posted on: Saturday, January 24, 2015

What sets the Baby Boomer generation apart from those before it? Born after World War II (specifically from 1946 to 1964), Boomers were shaped largely by the music, culture, and politics surrounding them in their formative years. In his solo production BOOM, the multi-talented writer and performer Rick Miller ties all of these elements together in a multimedia tapestry that seamlessly chronicles a period of 25 years in the lives of Boomers.

Structured as a timeline presented in a documentary style, BOOM is a unique mix of nostalgic references and human experiences rounded out by a wealth of visual effects. In the production’s first few moments, Miller introduces the audience (by way of interviews on video) to his mother, as well as an Austrian gentleman, and an American musician. These are the three storytellers in the production, but they turn their stories over to Miller, who tells them himself using a variety of voices, video clips, photos, music, and other techniques.

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