Raves for the Toronto premiere of BOOM X @ Crow's Theatre, May 10-28

Posted on: Sunday, May 7, 2023

"SPECTACULAR... A marvellous mash-up of media, verbatim theatre, jukebox musical and autobiographical confession"
The Globe & Mail (reposted review)

"MASTERFUL... Rick Miller is open-hearted, thoughtful, joyful, observant and exuberant in the telling."

"JAW-DROPPING... A smart, entertaining and impeccably-paced show by one of the country's most original and multi-talented artists."
Glenn Sumi, So Sumi

"JOYOUS... Rick Miller is one of our finest Canadian theatre storytellers. Can’t wait for BOOM YZ!"
Our Theatre Voice

"ASTONISHING... BOOM X is a buoyant, celebratory spectacle. I was enchanted from start to finish!"
Istvan Dugalin, Theatre Reviewer

"DAZZLING... Miller’s amazingly fun, nostalgia-fuelled virtuoso trip through history and music!"
Sesay Arts Magazine

"BRILLIANT... A production that has sprung from the mind of a visionary. Entertainment with a capital E!”
Ludwig Van Toronto

"INCREDIBLE... This multi-media phenomenon is pure joy from start to finish."
A View From The Box

"SUMPTUOUS... With sick guitar solos to match"
Intermission magazine

"LIGHTNING QUICK AND POLISHED...if you're looking for a good time at the theatre, X marks the spot"
Broadway World

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Rick Miller returns to East End Toronto, his home for the last 23 years, with BOOM X (Part 2 of his BOOM Trilogy), now playing at Crow's Theatre from May 10-28.
BOOM X is the Gen X stand-alone sequel that explores the music, culture, politics, and technology of 1970–1995. Over 100 minutes, Miller gives voice to more than 100 colourful characters from the days of punk, disco, the FLQ crisis, the Cold War, and more. After performing BOOM X on three continents, one of Canada’s most celebrated international theatre artists returns home with an astounding spectacle that has blown away audiences of all generations.

The Music, Culture, and Politics of Generation X
A Kidoons and WYRD Production
with Crow's Theatre, Theatre Calgary, and The 20K Collective
Witten, Directed, and Performed by Rick Miller
May 10–28 2023

Full credits:
RICK MILLER: Writer / Director / Performer*
JEFF LORD: Executive Producer
CRAIG FRANCIS: Dramaturg / Stage Manager*
AIDAN WARE: Technical Director
RICK MILLER: Production Manager
NICOLAS DOSTIE: Video & Projection Co-Designer
IRINA LITVINENKO: Video & Projection Co-Designer
BRUNO MATTE: Lighting Designer
VIRGINIE LECLERC: Costume & Props Designer
RICK MILLER: Set & Sound Designer / Composer
CREIGHTON DOANE: Additional Music Production
SÉBASTIEN HEINS: appears as “Brandon” on video*
LOGOGRAPH: Graphic Design / Marketing
CRAIG FRANCIS: Original illustrations
TOURING AGENT: Menno Plukker Theatre Agent (with Isaïe Richard and Magdalena Marszalek)
MUSIC LICENSING: Michael Perlmutter (Instinct)
OFFICIAL SITE: boomtheshow.com
EDUCATION SITE: encyclopediacanada.com
PODCAST SITE: xingthegap.com
SOCIAL FB/TW/IG: @kidoons, @rickmilleractor, @BoomTheShow

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