Rick guests on Lu Hanessian's podcast "The Foreseeable Now"

Posted on: Saturday, May 21, 2022

Rick's long-time friend Lu Hanessian guested with her son Nick on his XingTheGap podcast (episode here), and now he's returning the favour. Please have a listen to The Foreseeable Now, Lu's podcast, where you'll find an in-depth conversation with Rick, and so many other amazing and insightful guests.

From the episode description:

Rick Miller is a multi-hyphenate wonder. A multi-disciplinary artist, multi-media, multi-lingual writer, actor, director, educator, musician, singer, and podcast host of the intergenerational series "Xing the Gap."

Although he graduated with two architecture degrees, he always dreamed of the stage. His first small role was in a Shakespeare-in-the-park production of Macbeth. He never imagined that a play in a park would inspire him to create his first solo show. And not just any solo show. His gift for uncanny spot-on vocal impersonations, performance, writing and lightning speed delivery fueled the creation of MacHomer, his one-man version of Macbeth with 50 characters from The Simpsons. All played by Rick. (And blessed by Simpsons creator Matt Groening.) It premiered at the Montreal Fringe festival in 1995. And then ran for 17 years in different countries. (Yes, he slips into a few Simpsons' voices in our conversation!)

Over more than twenty years, Rick has conceived extraordinary worlds and critically acclaimed productions. He has become one of Canada’s most versatile stage performers, from classical theatre to avant-garde creations, from his smash-hit solo shows to collective ensembles.

He has performed his own work in more than 200 cities around the globe. In 5 languages and on 5 continents. Entertainment Weekly once called him one of the "100 most creative people alive..."

His latest tour de force is a trilogy. Three explosive solo stage shows chronicling 75 years of history: BOOM, BOOM X, and BOOM YZ collectively and chronologically documenting the music, politics, cultural milestones and generation-defining events from 1945 to 2020 - woven with personal stories. 75 years, 300 minutes, all written, directed and performed by Rick himself.

I caught up with Rick, between shows, between breaths, between then and now, to explore the world wonder between his two musical ears.

We talk about the future of history, generation maps, minding the gaps, the brain as a time machine, nostalgia and attention...and what he calls "our magic powers as human beings" to imagine possible futures in the present moment.

A creatively rich, captivating, warm, entertaining, and profound conversation with my longtime friend Rick Miller."

Listen to The Foreseeable Now, with Lu Hanessian, and special guest Rick Miller