BOOM REVIEW: "Explosive Experience... even more profound"

Posted on: Friday, March 11, 2022

Having now surpassed the 400-performance mark, Rick Miller's solo hit BOOM is now playing from Mar 10-20 at Cameco Capitol Arts Centre in Port Hope ON.
"This BOOM’s shift is even more profound. The year before the pandemic hit, I saw the eye catching and astounding BOOM at Montréal’s Segal Centre, the first of a historical trilogy. And here we are, three years later, and our world has significantly changed on so, so many levels and in so, so many ways. To see BOOM again on opening night in Port Hope’s beautiful Capitol Theatre, I noticed a huge shift within the production itself. After 400 performances, the engaging Rick Miller remains affable and genial as storyteller, not historian, but there is a remarkable shift in tone. Which made this BOOM resonate even stronger for me... ‘BOOM is three years older and three years wiser and richer for this ‘explosive’ experience. I wish you 400 more performances of BOOM, Rick."

Come see Part 1 of Rick Miller's BOOM trilogy of solo stage shows, where he explosively documents the music, culture, and politics that shaped the Baby Boom generation. From the first atomic bomb in 1945 to the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, BOOM takes you on a generational roller-coaster, with 100 characters, stunning multimedia, and 25 moment-defining songs. A mind-blowing experience for audiences of all generations.

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