A "self-isolation" interview with Rick Miller

Posted on: Monday, April 13, 2020

From the interview: "this crisis has offered us time and perspective – two gifts we rarely get when we’re hustling from one gig to another. We rarely have time to think, or to think about thinking, which to me is just as important. Our minds are all we have, and everything that we create comes from them, so I would suggest that all artists cultivate some kind of mindfulness practice, if they haven’t already. And read – you have time now, so do it, shamelessly. If you need suggestions (you don’t) read Sapiens, Enlightenment Now, Waking Up, or anything by Margaret Atwood. Reading and thinking gives us perspective, which I learned about many moons ago in architecture school. The ability to step outside of a present crisis, to draw from the past and to imagine possible futures. This is what artists can bring to others in anxious times – some perspective on how we fail but can always “fail better.”"

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